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  • I just wanted to let you know that last night we sat down with a bottle of wine to watch the film and were just overwhelmed by how fantastic it was. To be able to re-live the day, to see the smiles and laughter - and tears! again, And to also hear all the kind and loving words from our family and friends is just such a gift. You captured every emotion so brilliantly and without us really even seeing you there. The interviews worked so well and made the footage from the day itself so poignant. The final sequence had us both in floods of tears and we watched it over and over again. We can't wait to share it with our family and friends - and one day with our own children. It is probably the most precious thing we own.


  • 'I saw your wedding DVD for the first time and I have to say it's FANTASTIC! I so enjoyed it, you did a brilliant job it was like having their own television documentary! I loved the interviews with the children, all absolutely wonderful.'


  • 'I booked Claire to record a record of a yearly camping event including a group of friends and children. One family were moving away so I had a feeling this might be the last. I didn't know what to expect but what I did know was that, whilst I work in the technology end of the film and TV, the process and skill of making a video really worth watching has far less to do with the technology than the person behind the camera. Claire was able to gently cajole interviews from children and adults alike, and capture the essence of the day (and night!) without being obtrusive. The end result was a special record of a moment in time, something that I know we will look on in years to come with a laugh and I suspect a dewy eye or two.'

Matthew Causon

  • 'What a fantastic job you have done! We had great fun watching the DVD and it was lovely to hear so many supportive comments from our friends and family.  We thought the quality of filming and editing was very professional, it makes such a difference to have an expert doing it! My Mum was really pleased to be able to see what had happened on the night so that was great.'


  • 'A really special record of a normal day in our family life. Most of our family videos are taken on holiday, or birthdays or at Christmas, whereas this captures just a normal Sunday. The most priceless part of the day is the children’s thoughts when they talk to Claire on their own. They revealed all sorts of things that they might not reveal to us! A wonderful memory of their likes, dislikes, favourite places and favourite people. It was a pleasure to have her here.'

    Chris Northwood

    'I enjoyed the fact that you barely noticed she was there. And I also enjoyed the bit that you wouldn’t normally film, such as walking to the shops'

Christian, aged 14

  • 'I commissioned Claire to produce a video to mark the closing of the Channel 4 Studio and to pay tribute to the fantastic staff and programmes that had been made in its 25 year history.  Claire’s research and planning were perfect. She interviewed many personalities that had started their careers in the studio and incorporated all the key people that were important to its success over the years.  She managed to make a film that was both moving and funny and when played at the wrap party there was no-one there that didn’t have a smile on their lips and a tear in their eye.

    Claire definitely has a way of capturing the spirit and essence of whatever she chooses to focus on. In this case it was the end of an era and the film was a fitting tribute.'

Tony Chamberlain, Channel 4

  • 'The do on Friday was marvelous - many thanks for your superb video. Fran and I thoroughly enjoyed it - and the do - from beginning to end. How did you get the bit of Dylan done? You did so well to get Aidan to present the video. We've got loads of home video of Chris and Tom but hardly any of Aidan as he was too shy. Quite brave of him as it was due to be seen by over 100 people.'