What's Included?

I produce just one wedding film a month – this gives me the time to ensure they are individual, distinctive and personalised films. 

See what's included in the Premiere Package or scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Classic Package for those on a tighter budget..


Day One: Filmed in your home, usually soon after you first make the booking. I will bring my equipment and film interviews with the bride and groom and any significant others you arrange to be there. The interviews cover how you met, the preparations for the wedding, why you have chosen the best man and the bridesmaids, etc. In the final film these are woven amongst footage from the wedding day itself. Remember I am making a film that I want you to love, so if you say anything you don’t want included you only have to tell me and it won’t be in the final film, or if you want a second third or fourth “take” that is fine too. These are very relaxed and informal interviews that my clients always enjoy, and they add so much to the record of your big day. I’ve spent many years making people feel happy and comfortable on camera, experience and professionalism make all the difference here.

Day Two: I film the rehearsal. This ensures that camera angles and timings are all properly prepared for and allows me to capture the excitement and anticipation that builds up before the big day. It’s also a second opportunity for me to film any significant others that you want to be in the film that couldn’t be with us on day one.

Day Three: The wedding day itself. I will be there all the way through, from the bride’s preparations to the first dance. Be assured my presence will always be discrete and non-intrusive – I know just how close I need to be to capture the emotion but also when it’s time to fade into the background.

The ceremony and the speeches are covered in full by two Hi Definition cameras – this ensures a much more watchable final film as there is plenty of shot variety.

The sound is recorded on a lapel microphone on the groom in addition to the cameras – this allows me to switch between two sound sources to ensure I get good audio for the vows, but not him singing the hymns solo!

During the weeks following the wedding I edit the footage from all three days into a fabulous record of, not just the big day, but of this exciting time in your life. The music on the final film should be your favourite tracks – I like to use quite a variety so let me know your choices and I’ll fit them into the film in an appropriate way.

The duration of the final film will be between 1 1/2 and 2 hours, it will be far more watchable than a standard wedding video because it is crafted to be a real documentary. If there is anything you don’t like I will return to the edit to sort it out for you.

The final DVD will have a menu system so you can go straight to ‘the ceremony’ or ‘the speeches’, or the highlights section at the end.

In short you will have a truly fabulous programme that is genuinely entertaining, a wonderful reminder of an incredibly special time in your lives and that really captures the emotion of the day.


For those on a tighter budget, pre wedding interviews with wedding couple only, no Day Two filming, attendance on day from ceremony to end of speeches.

Any additional costs?

Everything is inclusive other than:

If the first dance is after 9.30pm, £50 an hour

If an overnight stay is required £100

Extra copies of DVD £25 (3 copies included free)